Flat Packs WA – Blum Hardware

Flat Packs WA is proud to source our materials from trusted suppliers. When it comes to hardware, we choose Blum for our hinge, lift and pull-out cabinet systems, as well as assembly tools.

Did You Know?

Blum is a family-owned hardware manufacturer based in Austria. It was originally founded by Julius Blum, an Austrian blacksmith, who made horseshoe studs and furniture hinges, and is now an international company with award-winning product quality and design. Blum’s soft-close system, BLUMOTION, is considered the best in industry for doors and hinges that close slowly, without a sound.

Why Blum?

  • Lifetime Warranty

Blum stands by their products and goes above and beyond to repair or replace their products.


  • Legendary Quality

Blum’s full product line and manufacturing machinery is rigorously tested for quality and durability; Blum also runs extensive research and development programs for its hinges and lift mechanisms. Blum hinges, in particular, are the best in the business; we offer their industry-leading AVENTOS HK-XS lift system for our cabinetry products.


  • Variety and Price Point

Blum hardware is available in black, white and grey, and there are options for every price point.


  • Availability

Blum chooses to sell through dealers only, and every Blum dealer must be trained and knowledgeable in their products. We appreciate this attention to detail and are a proud Blum dealer.


Try it Out - Online

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